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Magento 2 – X-Sendfile / X-Accel-Redirect headers for downloadable products

Magento 2 X-Sendfile / X-Accel-Redirect headers
When you have a Magento 2 store which server large files you may encounter the issue where download process breaks after 1GB of file. This issue may be solved if you will use X-Sendfile / X-Accel-Redirect headers for Apache and NGINX web servers.
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Magento 2 Admin Review – Products And Categories

There is the 3rd part of Magento 2 video admin tutorial. At this episode we are show Magento 2 Products and Categories section. You can see how to create Products at Magento 2 and what options there provided for products. Also you can find out how to make new categories for Magento 2 Products.
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Magento ® Observer List

Magento Observer List
Magento® use observer pattern to fire actions for specific events. Its becomes useful because you can modify variables before event starts or right after event ended without making rewrite of Core class. This article has almost all magento default observers list which we use for development.
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