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Magento 2 – X-Sendfile / X-Accel-Redirect headers for downloadable products

Magento 2 X-Sendfile / X-Accel-Redirect headers
When you have a Magento 2 store which server large files you may encounter the issue where download process breaks after 1GB of file. This issue may be solved if you will use X-Sendfile / X-Accel-Redirect headers for Apache and NGINX web servers.
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Magento 2 Admin Review – Products And Categories

There is the 3rd part of Magento 2 video admin tutorial. At this episode we are show Magento 2 Products and Categories section. You can see how to create Products at Magento 2 and what options there provided for products. Also you can find out how to make new categories for Magento 2 Products.
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