Magento ® Observer List

Magento Observer List
Magento® use observer pattern to fire actions for specific events. Its becomes useful because you can modify variables before event starts or right after event ended without making rewrite of Core class. This article has almost all magento default observers list which we use for development.

How and Where it dispatched?

Magento® dispatch observer at the models and blocks where specific event happens. There is no specific rules exist when you have to dispatch observers. There are a lot of default function which dispatch observers but not all extensions have observer dispatches. If you build the extension and it have events where another developer may want to modify result then it means for you to add your own observer dispatch. It wont affect performance and it will add more flexibility to your extension or modification.

What the code to dispatch observer in Magento® ?

Here is code example how Magento® dispatch customer registration success observer:

The first parameter its the observer name. It should be unique for all observers for Magento® installation. The second parameter is array of variables passed to the observer. Its associative array where key will be variable name and value is object which passes to observer.

How to use Observers in Magento®

Use observer is pretty easy. The first what you need to do its add declaration of it in your extension’s config.xml file.
For example:

At the code line 5 we declare name of observer, according to the previous example its customer_register_success. The lines 7 and 11 should have unique observer handler. To avoid issues with duplicate handles you can use your extension’s namespace and module name there. The line 9 states what file to use, in our example it would be extension with name Namespace_Module and file will be in the Model folder Observer.php . Its why we have there module/observer, usually instead of module you will have name of your extension’s folder but observer will remain same. All observer should be in the Observer.php file of Model folder. For Example: app/code/local/Namespace/Module/Model/Observer.php . The line 10 have method of our class which will be used when for event dispatch.

The second step its to make our Observer.php file with corresponding method there.

At the line 5 there we can see method name which we had in config.xml file at the line 10. In the our previous example we passed customer as associative array key and customer object as value ( Line 15 at the Magento® success registration observer dispatch example ). You can see that we get customer object by calling $observer->getCustomer() at the line 6, this way we get customer object which we passed into observer. We can also use $observer->getData(‘customer’) for it.

The Magento® Observers List

Unfortunately Magento® doesn’t provide list of all observers and its why we have made list of them. The list may not have all information about the observer but it has observer key and short description of it. For more details of it you can just search for it in the Magento® Core files and see at which file it dispatches to use it correctly.

Observer key Parameters Description
log_log_clean_before log before cleaning logs
log_log_clean_after log after cleaning logs
log_visitor_collection_load_before collection before log visitor collection loaded
visitor_init visitor init visitor on the site
api_user_authenticated model, api_key once api user authenticated
page_block_html_topmenu_gethtml_before menu, block before menu html
page_block_html_topmenu_gethtml_after menu, html after menu html generated
adminhtml_block_eav_attribute_edit_form_init form init attribute form values
eav_collection_abstract_load_before collection before loading eav colletion
review_controller_product_init_before controller_action product review before load product
review_controller_product_init product product review initilization
review_controller_product_init_after product,controller_action product review after initilizaion of product
review_review_collection_load_before collection review collection load before
cms_controller_router_match_before router, condition cms page router match before
cms_page_get_available_statuses statuses cms page statuses
cms_wysiwyg_config_prepare config prepare wysiwyg congiruration
cms_page_render page, controller_action render cms page action
cms_wysiwyg_images_static_urls_allowed result,store_id Check of using static urls
sendfriend_product product Product sent to friend action
catalog_block_product_list_collection collection Before html product list collection
catalog_product_upsell product, collection, limit Updating collection with desired items
catalog_block_product_status_display status Display Product Stock Status
catalog_product_type_configurable_price product Prepare Json Config for product
catalog_product_view_config response_object Product view config json values
catalog_controller_category_init_before controller_action Before Init categories
catalog_controller_category_init_after category, controller_action After Init categories
catalog_product_compare_add_product product Add product to compare
catalog_category_tree_init_inactive_category_ids tree Retrieve inactive categories ids
catalog_category_tree_move_before category, prev_parent, parent Before move category in tree
catalog_category_tree_move_after category, prev_node, parent After move category in tree
catalog_category_collection_load_before category_collection Before load category colection
catalog_category_collection_load_after category_collection After load category caollection
catalog_category_add_is_active_filter category_collection After Is Active Filter Applied
catalog_category_change_products category, product_ids Save category products relation
catalog_prepare_price_select select, table, store_id, response_object Prepare price select
prepare_catalog_product_index_select select, entity_field, website_field, store_field Add additional external limitation
prepare_catalog_product_price_index_table index_table, select, entity_id, customer_group_id, website_id, website_date, update_fields Price Index
catalog_product_flat_prepare_columns columns Retrieve catalog product flat table columns array
catalog_product_flat_prepare_indexes indexes Retrieve catalog product flat table indexes
catalog_product_flat_rebuild store_id, table Update events observer attributes
catalog_product_flat_update_product store_id, table, product_ids Update flat data for product
category_move category, parent, category_id, prev_parent_id, parent_id Category Move
catalog_product_validate_before product Before Validate Product Data
catalog_product_validate_after product After Validate Product Data
catalog_model_product_duplicate current_product, new_product Create duplicate product
catalog_product_is_salable_before product Product Salable before
catalog_product_is_salable_after product, salable Product salable after
catalog_product_delete_after_done product Delete product
catalog_product_status_update product_id, store_id, status Update status value for product
catalog_product_prepare_save product, request Save product custom option data
catalog_product_media_add_image product, image Add image to media gallery
catalog_product_get_final_price product, qty Get product final price
catalog_product_type_grouped_price product Product Final price depend of options
catalog_controller_product_init_before controller_action, params Before Init product
catalog_controller_product_init product Product Initilization
catalog_controller_product_init_after product, controller_action After product initilization at product page
catalog_controller_product_view product Prepare product render
prepare_catalog_product_index_select select, entity_field, website_field, store_field Add additional external limitation for search
catalogsearch_searchable_attributes_load_after engine, attributes After load searchable Attributes
catalog_prepare_price_select select, table, store_id, response_object addRatedPriceFilter for search
catalogsearch_index_process_start store_id, product_ids Before start catalgo search index
admin_user_authenticate_before username, user Before admin authorization
core_collection_abstract_load_before collection before load collection
core_collection_abstract_load_after collection after load collection
core_layout_update_updates_get_after updates before layout updates applied
core_locale_set_locale locale set current locale
currency_display_options_forming currency_options, base_code create currency for current locale
application_clean_cache tags Clean cache by tags
core_layout_block_create_after block After Block created
resource_get_tablename resourse, model_entity, table_name, table_suffix Get Table Name
model_load_before boject, field, value Before load any model
model_load_after object Adter model loaded
model_save_commit_after object Callback function which called after transaction commit in resource model
core_copy_fieldset_$fieldset_$aspect target, source, root Copy data from object|array to object|array containing fields from fieldset matching an aspect.
controller_action_postdispatch_adminhtml controller_action Google base post dispatch
index_process_change_status process, status Change process status
product_option_renderer_init block Wishlist option renderer init
wishlist_add_product wishlist, product, item Add product to Wishlist
wishlist_update_item wishlist, product, item Update Wishlist
wishlist_share vwishlist Share wishlist
wishlist_item_collection_products_after_load product_collection Load wishlist product collection
wishlist_item_add_after wishlist After item added to wishlist
wishlist_add_item item When wishlist item added
wishlist_product_add_after items After items added to shilist
bundle_product_view_config response_object, selection View config of bundle product
catalog_product_prepare_index_select website, select, bind Prepare price index
prepare_catalog_product_price_index_table index_table, select, entity_id, customer_group_id, website_id, website_date, update_fields Prepare price index table
prepare_catalog_product_collection_prices collection, store_id Bundle Items Price Collection Preparation
catalog_product_get_final_price product, qty get bundle product final price
salesrule_validator_process rule, item, address, quote, qty, result Sales Rule validator process
sales_quote_address_discount_item item Discount Item
salesrule_rule_condition_combine additional Additional conditions for sales rule conditions
salesrule_rule_get_coupon_types transport Get coupon coe types
review_controller_product_init_before controller_action Xmlconnect review controller before init of product
review_controller_product_init product Xmlconnect review controller init of product
review_controller_product_init_after product, controller_action Xmlconnect review controller init after
checkout_controller_onepage_save_shipping_method requests, quote save shipping method action
wishlist_add_product wishlist, product, item Xmlconnect wishliast add product action
checkout_cart_add_product_complete product, request, response checkout add to cart complete action
enterprise_giftcardaccount_add status, code Xmlconnect Fail of giftaccount add in the cart
checkout_cart_update_item_complete item, request, response Complete of checkout cart item update
before_save_message_queue queueMessage XmlConnect Queue message before save
checkout_controller_multishipping_shipping_post request, quote Multishiping shipping post
checkout_multishipping_controller_success_action order_ids Success action of checkout
checkout_cart_product_add_after quote_item, product After product added to the cart
checkout_cart_update_items_before cart, info Before update cart items
checkout_cart_update_items_after cart, info After updae cart items
checkout_cart_save_before cart Before cart saved
checkout_cart_save_after cart After cart saved
checkout_cart_product_update_after quote_item, product After cart product update
custom_quote_process checkout_session getQuote action for checkot
checkout_quote_init quote Init of quote
load_customer_quote_before checkout_session Load data for customer quote and merge with current quote
checkout_quote_destroy quote Quote destroy action
checkout_type_multishipping_set_shipping_items quote Assign quote items to addresses and specify items qty
checkout_type_multishipping_create_orders_single order, address Create orders per each quote address
checkout_submit_all_after orders, quote, recurring_profiles Submit Order
checkout_multishipping_refund_all orders, quote Refund Multishipping order
checkout_type_onepage_save_order_after order, quote After order saved
checkout_allow_guest quote, store, result Is checkot allowed for guest action
rss_wishlist_xml_callback product Xml wishlist callback
rss_catalog_new_xml_callback product RSS new xml
rss_catalog_notify_stock_collection_select collection Notify Stock collection RSS select
rss_catalog_tagged_item_xml_callback product Rss tagged item
rss_catalog_special_xml_callback product Special Rss xml callback
rss_catalog_review_collection_select collection RSS reviews collection
rss_catalog_category_xml_callback product RSS categories
rss_order_new_collection_select collection RSS orders collection
poll_vote_add poll, vote RSS of vote add action
adminhtml_block_promo_widget_chooser_prepare_collection collection Prepare Promo Widget Collection
adminhtml_promo_catalog_edit_tab_main_prepare_form form Catalog promo rules prepare tab
adminhtml_block_salesrule_actions_prepareform form Sales rules prepare form
adminhtml_promo_quote_edit_tab_coupons_form_prepare_form form Prepare coupons form
adminhtml_promo_quote_edit_tab_main_prepare_form form Preprare form of coupon rule main tab
api_user_html_before block Adminhtml Permissions user block
adminhtml_widget_grid_filter_collection collection, filter_values Adminhtml Wigdet Grid Filter Collection
adminhtml_cms_page_edit_tab_main_prepare_form form Adminhtml Cms Page Edit Main Tab Form
adminhtml_cms_page_edit_tab_design_prepare_form form Adminhtml Cms Page Edit Design Tab Form
adminhtml_cms_page_edit_tab_meta_prepare_form form Adminhtml Cms Page Edit Meta Tab Form
adminhtml_cms_page_edit_tab_content_prepare_form form Adminhtml Cms Page Edit Content Tab Form
adminhtml_widget_container_html_before block Adminhtml Widget Container Before Html
adminhtml_catalog_category_tree_is_moveable options Adminhtml Is category moveable
adminhtml_catalog_category_tree_can_add_root_category category, options, store Adminhml Check availability of adding root category
adminhtml_catalog_category_tree_can_add_sub_category category, options, store Adminhtml Check availability of adding sub category
adminhtml_catalog_category_tabs tabs Adminhtml Catalog Category Tabs
adminhtml_catalog_category_edit_prepare_form form Adminhtml Category Edit Form
adminhtml_catalog_product_attribute_set_toolbar_main_html_before block Adminhtml Catalog Product Attribute set toolbar
adminhtml_catalog_product_attribute_set_main_html_before block Adminhtml Attribute Set Main Block
adminhtml_catalog_product_edit_prepare_form form Adminhtml product edit form
adminhtml_catalog_product_edit_element_types response Adminhtml product edit element types
adminhtml_product_attribute_types response Adminhtml product edit set attribute types
adminhtml_catalog_product_attribute_edit_prepare_form form, attribute Adminhtml product attribute edit form
adminhtml_catalog_product_grid_prepare_massaction block Adminhtml product mass actions
adminhtml_catalog_product_form_prepare_excluded_field_list object Adminhtml Product Edit excluded fields
adminhtml_catalog_product_edit_tab_attributes_create_html_before block Adminhtml create Attributes
catalog_product_edit_form_render_recurring result, product_element, product Adminhtml Product Edit Recurrent Tab
catalog_product_gallery_prepare_layout block Adminhtml Product Edit Gallery
adminhtml_block_html_before block Adminhtml before each admin block
permissions_user_html_before block Adminhtml before permissions block
adminhtml_customer_orders_add_action_renderer renderer, row Adminhtml Customer Order Add Renderer
adminhtml_store_edit_form_prepare_form form Adminhtml Store Edit Form
adminhtml_system_config_advanced_disableoutput_render_before modules Adminhtml Disable Modules
adminhtml_block_system_config_init_tab_sections_before section Adminhtml System Config Sections Before
adminhtml_controller_catalogrule_prepare_save request Adminhtml Catalogrule prepare save
adminhtml_controller_salesrule_prepare_save request Adminhtml Sales Rule Prepare Save
adminhtml_cache_refresh_type type Adminhtml Flush Cache by Type
cms_page_prepare_save page, request Adminhtml Save Cms Page
adminhtml_cmspage_on_delete title, status Adminhtml Delete Cms Page
catalog_product_new_action product Adminhtml New Product
catalog_product_edit_action product Adminhtml Edit Product
catalog_product_prepare_save product, request Adminhtml Prepare Save Product
product_duplicate_attributes product, storeTo, storeFrom Adminhtml Product Copy Attributes Between Stores
catalog_controller_product_delete product Adminhtml Delete Product
category_prepare_ajax_response response, controller Adminhtml Category Prepare Ajax Response
catalog_category_prepare_save category, request Adminhtml Category Prepare Save
catalog_controller_category_delete category Adminhtml Delete Category
catalog_product_stock_item_mass_change products Adminhtml Stock Item Mass Change
catalog_product_to_website_change products Adminhtml Product o Website Change
catalog_product_gallery_upload_image_after result, action Adminhtml After Gallery Upload
admin_permissions_role_prepare_save object, request Adminhtml Permissions Role Save
sales_order_status_unassign_before status, state Adminhtm Before Order Status Unassign
create_order_session_quote_initialized session_quote Adminhtml Create Order Session Quote Init
adminhtml_sales_order_create_process_data_before order_create_model, request_model, session Adminhtml Create Order Process Action Data
adminhtml_sales_order_create_process_data order_create_model, request Adminhtml Create Order Process Action Data Before
adminhtml_sales_order_creditmemo_register_before creditmemo, request Adminhtml before Register Credit Memo
on_view_report report Adminhtml View Report
adminhtml_customer_prepare_save customer, request Adminhtml Customer Save
adminhtml_customer_save_after customer, request Adminhtml Customer Save After
admin_system_config_section_save_after website, store, section Adminhtml System Config Save After
admin_system_config_changed_section_{$section} website, store, section Adminhtml System Config Section Changed
store_group_save group Adminhtml System Store Group Save
store_edit store Adminhtml System Store Group Edit
store_delete store Adminhtml Store Delete
{{event_prefix}}_finish_before adapter Adminhtml Import Adapter. Each adapter has event prefix
adminhtml_init_system_config config Adminhtml Init System Config
model_config_data_save_before object Adminhtml Config Save Before
init_from_order_session_quote_initialized session_quote Init Quote From Order
sales_convert_order_to_quote order, quote Convert Order to Quote
sales_convert_order_item_to_quote_item order_item, quote_item Convert Order Item to Quote Item
checkout_submit_all_after order, quote Checkout Submit All After
catalogindex_prepare_price_select select, table, store_id, response_object Preprare Price Select
catalogindex_plain_reindex_after products Plain Reindex After
catalogindex_get_minimal_price indexer, product_ids, store Index Product Minimal Price
{{event_object}}_set_sales_order collection, {{event_object}}, order Set sales order model
sales_resource_init_virtual_grid_columns resourse Init Virtual Grid Columns
sales_resource_update_grid_records proxy Update Records in grid table
sales_sale_collection_query_before collection Resource Sale Collection
sales_order_place_before order Before order Placed
sales_order_place_after order After Order Placed
order_cancel_after order After Order Cancelled
clear_expired_quotes_before sales_observer Before Clean Expired Quotes
sales_quote_remove_item quote_item Quote remove Item
sales_quote_add_item quote_item Quote Add Item
sales_quote_product_add_after items Quote Add Product After
sales_quote_collect_totals_before quote Quote Collect Totals Before
sales_quote_collect_totals_after quote Quote Collect Totals After
sales_quote_merge_before quote, source Before Quote Mege
sales_quote_merge_after quote, source After Quote Mege
pdf_item_draw_after transport_object, entity_item PDF Draw Item Process
sales_order_invoice_pay invoice Invoice Pay Event
sales_order_invoice_cancel invoice Invoice Cancel
sales_order_invoice_register invoice, order Invoice Register
sales_order_creditmemo_refund creditmemo Creditmemo Refund
sales_order_creditmemo_cancel creditmemo Cancel Creditmemo
sales_order_payment_place_start payment Start Place Payment
sales_order_payment_place_end payment Payment Placed
sales_order_payment_capture payment, invoice Invoice Payment Capture
sales_order_payment_pay payment, invoice Invoice Payment Pay
sales_order_payment_cancel_invoice payment, invoice Invoice Payment Cancel
sales_order_payment_void payment, invoice Invoice Payment Void
sales_order_payment_refund payment, creditmemo Payment Refund
sales_html_txn_id transaction, payement Transaction
sales_order_payment_cancel_creditmemo payment, creditmemo Payment Cancel Creditmemo
sales_order_payment_cancel payment Cancel Payment
sales_order_item_cancel items Order Item Cancel
sales_order_payment_transaction_load_by_txn_id_before txn_id Before Load Transaction
sales_quote_address_collect_totals_before quote_address Before Collect Totals
sales_quote_address_collect_totals_after quote_address After Collect Totals
sales_quote_config_get_product_attributes attribute Quote get product attributes
sales_quote_address_discount_item item Discount Quote Item
sales_quote_payment_import_data_before payment, input Before Import Payment
sales_quote_item_qty_set_after item Set Item Quote Item Quantity
sales_quote_item_set_product product, quote_item Set Quote Item Product
sales_convert_quote_to_order order, quote Convert Quote to Order
sales_convert_quote_address_to_order address, order_address Convert Quote Address To Order Address
sales_convert_quote_item_to_order_item order_item, item Convert Quote Item to Order Item
sales_prepare_amount_expression collection, expression_object Get Sales Amount Expression
tax_rate_data_fetch request Get Tax Rate
catalog_product_import_finish_before adapter Before Finish Product Import
tag_tag_product_collection_load_after collection Tag Product Collection Load After
customer_register_success account_controller, customer Customer Success Registration
customer_address_format type, address Format Customer’s Address
customer_address_validation_after address Customer Address Validation After
customer_session_init customer_session Init Customer Session
customer_login customer Customer Login
customer_logout customer Customer Logout
customer_customer_authenticated model, password Customer Authenticated
customer_registration_is_allowed result Is registration ALlowed
rule_environment_collect env Collect application environment for rules filtering
admin_system_config_changed_section_currency_before_reinit website, store Before Changed Currency at the Admin Config
admin_system_config_changed_section_currency website, store Changed Currency at the Admin Config
paypal_prepare_line_items paypal_cart Prepare Paypal Cart Items
paypal_payment_transaction_load_by_txn_id_before paypal_payment_transaction, txn_id Load Paypal Transaction Before
paypal_payment_transaction_load_by_txn_id_after paypal_payment_transaction Load Paypal Transaction After
gift_options_prepare_items items Prepare Giftcard Items
payment_form_block_to_html_before block Payment Block To Html
payment_info_block_prepare_specific_information transport, payment, block Prepare Payment Information
payment_method_is_active result, method_instance, quote Is Active Payment Method
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