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Magento 2: How To Make Customer Attribute ?

Magento 2 How to make customer attribute

Since Magento 2 is pretty close to release we can review how the adding of custom attribute process has been changed. Today we will make Magento 2 extension which adds customer attribute into customer edit page at admin.
To start with it we will have to have Magento 2 installed with Demo data. You can find Magento 2 Installation Guide at Magento 2 Developer Documentation.

UPD. For Magento 2.1 & newest editions please read updated article.

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Magento Admin 404 page not found

Magento Admin 404 page not foundThe issue admin 404 page not found usually appears when database was moved and it loses integrity keys.  Also it may happened when you migrate website to different hosting.

You will not notice that issues exist until you will try to login to magento admin page.  The magento admin 404 page not found issue will be shown in this case.

The issue will show admin 404 page not found and it doesn’t mean that this page not exist.  if you will check Magento admin log  ( you can find it at the magento root folder var/log/system.log ) you will see lines which reporting this issue.

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Magento configurable product image switch to related simple images


Magento Communtiy and Enterprise  editions have configurable products, and once you set up configurable product you can associate simple products to configurable product and set price difference. This way when configurable option will be selected price will be updated, and this is only one element which magento updates by default.

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